Joseph Suder

Komponist 12.12.1892 - 13.09.1980

Our association

The association was founded by friends of the composer on January 1st 1967, in the year of the 75th birthday of Joseph Suder. Its goal was to spread the work of the composer and to inspire performances. Today the Joseph-Suder-Association contains about 200 members and it is endeavored to make the music of their composer accessible to many listeners. It participates in concerts, supports the interpretation of the works and grants contributions for the production of sound carriers and for the editions of notes. Further it promotes scientific papers about Joseph Suder and provides informational material.

The founding chairman in 1967 was GMD Otto Wirthensohn. Due to a serious illness of Wirthensohn, the chairmanship was assumed for almost 30 years by school principal and biologist Reinhold Pfandzelter who also was a very skilled violinist. Under him the Joseph-Suder-Association developed into a substantial association that fulfilled its statutory duties entirely. This is shown alone by the number of sound carriers and printed notes. At his 80th birthday in 1999 Reinhold Pfandzelter was appointed honorary chairman. His office was taken over by Dr. Berndt Jäger, undersecretary in the Bavarian Landtagsamt, active church musician and long-term member of the association. Secretary Prof. Dr. Alexander L. Suder especially supervises the editions, because he exactly knows about his father’s intentions.

The Joseph-Suder-Association is a non-profit institution with a very moderate annual minimum contribution: it amounts 12, - €, for married couples 16, - €. The members receive reductions at events and concerts and when obtaining Suder-CDs and – notes, if they are ordered through the association.

The non-profit status of the Joseph-Suder-Association e.V., founded in 1967, was lastly affirmed with the assessment of the tax office Munich of April 30th 2004.

Donations, for which a receipt for fiscal purposes is needed, please transfer on the following account of the Joseph-Suder-Association:

IBAN: DE94 7205 0000 0000 0458 31, Stadspk. Augsburg.

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